Pretty soon I’m calling a moratorium on any and all zombie movies, novels, television shows, videogames, comic books, songs, souvenir cups, commemorative tote bags and accompanying slash fiction. Of course, no one with any wherewithal will honor it because, like, who the fuck am I? Still, the zombie thing’s tired. We’re tired. The zombies are tired. Romero’s really tired. And that’s coming from somebody who counts  Dawn of the Dead ’78 among his all-timers.

But I’m holding said moratorium until after Warm Bodies*, because these first four minutes, courtesy of Fandango, actually look really promising. I’ve been a fan of Nicholas Hoult since About a Boy (yes, he was that kid), but  damned if he doesn’t look like a movie star here. The film, based on the Isaac Marion novel, co-stars Theresa Palmer and is directed by Jonathan Levine of both The Wackness and 50/50. So, y’know, it’ll probably be pretty great:

*But likely before World War Z.