Last year I sat down in front of a camera and swore like a sailor with Tourrete’s – even going so far as to call respected film critic Leonard Maltin a twatmuffin. The fruits of that session were woven into a documentary called Heckler, about the relationship between comedians and their audiences and filmmakers and their critics, and the cut of the film I saw at the Tribeca Film Festival was pretty damn good. Maybe even my parts, despite the fact that my big fat hairy head was on screen during them.

Now Los Angelenos will have a chance to see this funny film, and to shout obscenities at me, when Heckler premieres at the AFI Film Festival on November 4th. And it’s going to be playing at the Cinerama Dome at the Arclight, one of LA’s best theaters. If there’s ever a place to see how bad my hairdo and how fat my neck is, this is it.

You can click here to buy tickets to the screening, which will likely be star-studded (the film has lots of great famous people talking about critics and hecklers. And I’ll be there!), and maybe you’ll get a chance to see me and Maltin throwing down after the screening. Bring it, Lenny!