Coming today is our first look at a film I didn’t even know existed, if I’m being honest. Skating past my radar entirely, Danny Boyle’s Trance is his follow-up to the London Olympics Opening Ceremony and 127 Hours.

The story is one of amnesia, crime, and art. As USA Today puts it, the film is about “a fine-art auctioneer, in league with a gang of thieves, [who] needs the help of a hypnotherapist to recover a lost painting.”

Boyle suggests he was looking to make an emotional noir flick, and one that will take a few left turns in terms of tone, style, and story. Rosario Dawson –playing the hypnotherapist– is actually the central character- the first female lead protagonist for Boyle. She’s supported by James McAvoy as the amnesiac auctioneer, and Vincent Cassell as the slippery leader of the gang of thieves. Signs point to McAvoy actually being the shadier guy, shockingly enough.

The film has no release date in the US, but just set a March 27th date in the UK. The stateside release will likely follow a month or two after.