MCPNo one was more excited about the Wii when it was first announced than me. It was my first next-gen system (hah!), and having just come out of seeing what the incredible little DS could pull off with its weird control style, I wanted to see what the remote could do for gaming. And for the most part, it’s worked out. The controls feel incredibly intuitive, everyone and their grandmother loves Wii Sports, and the responsive controls for first person shooters make it hard to go back to a joystick.

It’d just be nice to get some goddamn games for the system.

Don’t give me that "Metroid just came out!" nonsense. Sure, Metroid‘s pretty damn good, but just like Prime and Prime 2, the game’s ultimately forgettable. Be honest, people, how many of you have started one of those and gave up in the middle, never to return to it? Thought so. Give me Super Metroid any day.

In any case, the shortage of Wii games looked to be at an end, with November in particular having a ridiculous amount of potentially great games. Super Mario Galaxy, Trauma Center: New Blood, Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
, Rock Band, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Soul Calibur Legends is not a lineup to be scoffed at.

But even with all of that to appease us, the most anticipated title for the system is Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and it’s now been pushed back from a December release to February 10th, 2008.

Sure, it’s not such a big push back, and there’s going to be more than enough titles for all of us to play, but Nintendo needed this for their big Christmas game. It’s a shame we’re not getting it.

If you haven’t been keeping up on the title, there’s a lot of new names to the roster, including characters from other game companies. Yes, that’s right, Sonic and Solid Snake will be bringing the can of whup ass (can of whup ass? What am I, a video game ad from 1995?) to all the fruity Nintendo characters. New Nintendo characters will include Wario, Zero Suit Samus, Meta Knight (Kirby), Lucas (Earthbound), Ike (Fire Emblem), and Diddy Kong. Along with all of that they’re going to be including online multiplayer in the deal, the first game in the series to have that.

Nintendo, most of the time you delay games for a good reason, and we’re usually better for waiting.

Don’t fuck this up.