’s a lot of cool stuff that happens in LA: premieres, parties, random celeb sightings (I saw you at Morton’s Steakhouse last night, Jessica Simpson!). But this Saturday one of the coolest things I could possibly imagine is taking place in Hollywood: a 3D screening of Friday the 13th Part 3 3D.

It’s part of Screamfest LA (a local horror film festival that can’t even be bothered to return my phone calls! Spielberg knows who I am, but Screamfest LA treats me as an unperson. They don’t call it Hollyweird for nothing), and it’s playing twice at Mann’s Chinese on Saturday the 13th. The first screening, which I will be attending, is at 9:30 and will feature a cast reunion and Q&A, and an appearance by Henry Mancini. We can ask him about the disco theme song! The late show, at 11:30, will be intro’d by those folks.

I’m a pretty big fan of the Friday films, but I have never seen 3 projected in 3D. At the time of its release I tried and I tried, and was able to see pretty much every one of the other 3D movies that hit theaters, but I think I was stuck seeing the movie on video, taped off WHT (Wometco Home Theater!). To finally see that circus freak get cut in half IN 3D! and the guy get his eyes popped out IN 3D! and a yo-yo being played with IN 3D! is like a dream come true for me. Now I just have to stay alive until Saturday. It could be tougher than you think.

Click here to buy your tickets (scroll to the bottom). Tell them that even though they wouldn’t return my phone calls, sent you.

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