quiz: When is President’s Day?

Yeah, I don’t know either. February or something, right? But the marketing team behind Doug Liman’s new film, Jumper, have decided to brand the movie as "Coming President’s Day Weekend!" Best of luck with that.

The trailer is… interesting. I’ve heard tales of a troubled shoot on this one, and it’s expensive as hell – Liman shot all over the world – so I’m deeply fascinated by how the marketing happens from here on out. The good news for Fox is that the trailer gets across the basic concepts quickly and cleanly (learn from this, New Line!) and that the scope is obviously big. I wasn’t that sold on the jumping effects, and the basic concepts don’t feel very fresh or new to me.

I’m hoping that this film is the last of Doug Liman’s big budget wank jobs – I think he was a very interesting director but Mr. & Mrs. Smith just didn’t work, which means it’s been since 2002 that he made a movie I liked. Granted, that was his second to last movie, but if you’re going to work this slowly, you can’t have two films in a row that seem as soulless as Smith and Jumper do.

Click here to see the trailer for yourself, and add another entry into your Hairstyles of Samuel L Jackson scrapbook.