Bros has scooped up the distribution rights for a whole new Terminator trilogy, the first film of which starts shooting early next year. Just to make sure you’re not confused and to make sure you don’t have to learn to count above three, the new film will not be called Terminator 4 but rather Terminator Salvation, with the subhead The Future Begins. Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins.

What does Terminator Salvation mean? It’s the title of the new trilogy, and if there was a colon in there it wouldn’t be so baflling, but who is saving the Terminators? Or are the Terminators doing the saving? I guess calling the movie Terminator: Salvation: The Future: Begins would break some sort of union rule for colons.

"This is set in the future, in a full-scale war between Skynet and humankind," Derek Anderson, CEO of Halcyon, the company ponying up the dough for the film, told Daily Variety.

T3 executive producer Moritz Borman said: "The third film was really the conclusion of what happened in the ‘now.’ You will find the most-loved characters, but the intention here is to present a fresh new world and have this be the first of a trilogy."

They’re leaving things open for a potential Arnold cameo, and Variety is reporting what CHUD told you last week: McG is in talks to direct the film. Other sources continue to buzz with the story Aint It Cool broke, that Vin Diesel is in talks to play the Terminator this time out.

Halcyon is making big plays this week; the announcement of a distrib deal comes on the heels of them buying the rights to the Philip K Dick library. Flex those muscles, boys!