’s been a lot of talk about who will play Thor in Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of the Asgardian superhero. This summer I brought you news that he and Marvel were clashing on casting – they wanted wrestler Triple H and he didn’t. After that came word that star of Rome, Kevin McKidd, was in talks to wield the hammer. Now McKidd tells Empire Online that he won’t be starring in the movie… but there could still be a role for him.

"I phoned my agent and said ‘Look, this thing’s come up about how I’m going to play Thor and that it’s between me and some WWF boxer (Triple H)’, and he said ‘Oh yeah, we’ve been talking to them about it.’ I said ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’ He said it’s because they were really keen on me, but then they decided the vision for Thor is somebody much younger, a 20 year old actor. But there’s another role in it, the other main guy, that they’re thinking about me for now."

The ‘other main guy’ would probably be Loki, Thor’s foster brother and the baddie in the piece. It’s a good role, judging by the Thor script I’ve only half finished (it’s all fantasy! A very bold take on the material). But a 20 year old Thor? We’ve been hearing rumors to that effect for some time as well, and I have to imagine that if this is the direction they’re taking, Vaughn et al will have to cast an unknown. But if Loki is ‘That Guy from Rome‘ and Thor is an unknown, where are you going to fit your name actors?