Neveldine and Brian Taylor love video games. Crank was essentially an adaptation of a video game that does not (yet) exist, and they’ll be doing a sequel to that. Their next project is even more specifically game-related: it’s actually called Game and it’s set in a near-future where a MMORPG called Slayers is hugely popular. Here’s the thing: the way the game works is through mind control technology, and players actually control other humans. The Slayers champion is Kable, and his latest mission is to break free of the mind control and rediscover his identity.

It was announced at Cannes that Gerard Butler was playing Kable. Now we’ve learned that Ken Castle, the big bad guy in the film, the guy pulling the strings, will be played by Michael Hall, aka Dexter from Showtime’s popular serial killer TV show. I’ve only seen him on Six Feet Under (I do have a Dexter Season One DVD set sitting here unopened, though), and I like what I’ve seen.

Game is casting now, with shooting to begin in January.