follows is a scattershot bit of random thoughts, links, and images that showcase the lunacy that exists in the entertainment world and beyond. Folks who remember my old missives from the old Steady Leak articles should find this kind of stuff familiar. Hope you dig:

The List of Dumb

  1. Gossip Assholes. Stumbled across the show TMZ the other day after the ballgame [go Rox] and after looking their website I realize that people are so much into that meaningless shit than the kind of stuff we cover. So, starting Monday, will only focus on the bald pussies of limo exiting starlets.

  2. You Look Like Shit. Would you rather be a janitor at a toxic facility that sometimes gets mistaken for a celebrity or someone like this incredibly incorrect Halle Berry impersonator/lookalike or the sad folks convinced that someone cares if you look like Bill Laimbeer or Jonathan Lipnicki. No one cares much about the originals, let alone someone who looks like them but without any interesting stories. Plus, I look more like Halle Berry than that woman.

  3. The Grudge Report. There’s a Grudge 3 coming. Because there’s so much passion for the first two.

  4. Roadside Prophecy. Andrew Sweeney snapped this picture on his travels, and it shows how sometimes it’s great when folks don’t think about what they’re putting on signs for the general public to see.

    Her parents should be so proud.

  5. Tiny Questions. The A.V. club asked Peter Dinklage "Do you actively seek out smaller films?". Why didn’t they ask him if he ever got high while they were at it?

  6. Rid of Dick. Why in the world hasn’t David Twohy rebounded from the failure of The Chronicles of Riddick [a decent movie if not a pretty damn good one] while shit-eaters are getting handed job after job with not even half the creativity and chops? The guy’s a champ.

    David Twohy (pictured here as runner-up in the Tom Noonan contest).

  7. Down’s Syndrome Vampires. Like many of you, I paid to see 30 Days of Night this past weekend. Ooops. Someone should create a drinking game for every annoying shot of an ugly person in vampire makeup screeching uselessly towards the camera or to each other. Better yet, a drinking game revolving around shots where Melissa George’s mouth is open. You’ll call it a drinking game. The coroner will call it Leaving Las Vegas II: Invasion of the Tinysauruses.

    "I like marbles!"

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