kinopoisk.ruEugh, here’s this trailer, I guess. Frustrating to share the work of Malick and Lubezki first in glorious sub-SD 360p, but such is the nature of studios not handling their shit and letting these releases happen for them.

Bitching aside, this is one Malicky-ass trailer, though less traditionally so perhaps than even the last Man Of Steel glimpse. Said to be Malick’s most accessible film ever, To The Wonder was reviewed generally positively after its TIFF debut, with an emphasis on the director’s typical eye for beauty and the films poignant ponderances on relationships. That is definitely what they sell here, with shot after shot capturing the exhilaration, comfort, and melancholy of love in stages all while Javier Bardem matter-of-factly preaches the good word.

Have a look and let us know what you think, and if you’re on board the Malick train. Remember, he’s got another multi-relationship trip through a dude’s life coming, though it next features Christian Bale and may go weirder places than Malick typically ventures.