Please send letters. Writes:

Hi Nick,

Jeremy Robinson (Science Thriller Author) would like to
be added to your MySpace friends list.

By accepting Jeremy Robinson (Science Thriller Author) as
your friend, you will be able to send Jeremy Robinson (Science Thriller Author)
personal messages, view Jeremy Robinson (Science Thriller Author)’s photos and
blog, and interact with each other’s friends and network!

Click the following link to view Jeremy Robinson (Science
Thriller Author)’s profile and accept or reject this user as your friend:

Nick Replies: This isn’t a feedback letter but rather a MySpace invite but I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what Jeremy Robinson likes to consider himself, careerwise. Is he an architect? A preacher? Fuck no, he is apparently a Science Thriller Author in parenthesis. Is it because there’s a guy out there named Jeremy Robinson who’s a member of Al Quaeda? It’s a lot easier to put his long job title up there rather than telling everyone that he’s not that cocksucker from Al Quaeda. Guy is giving a bad name to all the Jeremy Robinsons of the world, I tell you. Especially Jeremy Robinson (Spousal Abuser). I don’t have the energy to approve the friend request from all that extra reading! I almost hit "deny" because I thought he was that goddamn cat thief Jeremy Robinson (Cat Thief) or the prick bastard gay rapist Jeremy Robinson (Rapist of Homosexual Persuasion).

Nick Nunziata (Producer).

Mike Writes:

I read your piece about Jackie Chan a few days ago and I
agree with everything you said. Which brings me to George Clooney, an actor I
want to like, but at times I simply can’t. What I am getting at is his theory
"One for me, one for you" which on paper sounds good, but really as
an actor or entertainer, do you really want to serve your fans films like
"Ocean’s 11?" Or "Intolerable Cruelty"…actually, I’m not
sure who that was for. Why not just go in and say "every film I make is
for me and you as well" instead of condescending to your fans. Maybe it’s
that so many stars are out of touch with their fans and forget that it costs
money to go to the movies, but more importantly, it costs time. Nothing is
worse than going to a comedy and finding it’s not funny…which brings me back
to "Intolerable Cruelty."

PS: Why would Variety compare PT Anderson’s "There Will
Be Blood?" I hate it when journalists have this need to compare films to
other films as a way of dodging true scrutiny. By doing so, they’re only
setting the film up for failure in my opinion.

Nick Replies: [Article he’s referring to] I think the "one for me, one for you" thing means more that he’ll do commerce pictures to make his personal projects a possibility. I mean, Clooney gave his all in Intolerable Cruelty and the Ocean’s films. You may not like the Coen-lite flick but he is a ball of energetic sex appeal and class in that flick. He doesn’t phone in performances and neither does Chan, due to the obvious physical requirements. Thing is: Clooney will admit when he fucked up after a film is finished [Batman & Robin] but he gave it his all and tried to make a good movie. he just failed, and that’s a lot different than Chan’s aloof disrespect.

Minotaur Clan Writes:

First of all, great
site, keep up the good work and all that jazz. just something I thought I’d
bring to up; nothing major, just something that made my eyebrow rise up:

During one of his script
reviews on the new Punisher movie, Jason Pollock made this remark on Jack
Nicholson’s Joker:

And if youre doing a
comic book movie – whatever you do…dont crib from Jack Nicholson in Batman.
Its a truly awful performance in one of the weakest comic-to-film translations
ever. Dont take us back there.

I don’t know about you, but I thought Jack Nicholson’s performance as the Joker
was amazing, hilarious and perfect. Sure, he hammed it up a little, but you can
clearly see he was enjoying the role which makes watching it a real pleasure.
I’d rather see a zany, psychotic yet hilarious Joker with awesome dialogue than
some stiff, unenjoyable Joker who takes himself far too seriously like we’re
bound to see in The Dark Knight. And as for Batman on the whole, I think
it’s one of the most superior comic-book movies ever made. What does Steve
consider a better comic-book movie then? Daredevil? Superman Returns? Ghost
Rider, perhaps? How about Catwoman? Emo-Man 3?

Nick Replies: [Article he’s referring to] I used to hang out with a guy named Minotaur Clan back in high school. Blue eyes. Nice legs. Fictional. You guys related?

I reviewed the Bat-Films a few years ago here, also taking Nicholson to task for his mugging and way too central performance so I’m not the guy to run to if you want to defend Tim Burton’s beloved flick. Jack was good, but he was still very Jack and a little goes a long way with a character like that. Except when it goes all the way, creating in my belief an unfair balance. I blame Tim Burton, though. Thanks for the note!

Jace Writes:

What is the deal with
your staff writers being so rude to your readership? For once, this isn’t
in reference to the Mr. Bitterman, Devin Faraci, but Andre Dellamorte.
His thread titled "Dearest Readers" was just so rude and condescending.
Why would they continually bash and insult their readers?

Do they think it’s funny? Are they just bored? It’s just
disappointing, though I’m not sure why I’m surprised after all this time being
a Chewer. Just something to think about.

Thanks for your continued hard work.

Nick Replies: [Thread he’s referring to] I don’t know. I think most everyone needs a thicker skin on the message boards, myself included. I hate baiting threads of any kind, just because it tends to derail things. Anyone who writes for the site usually has already established a presence on the boards and I think it’s important to foster that. Of course, anything that gets in the way of productivity makes my head hurt staffwise but I get more up in arms about the folks that let it bother them than the folks who initiate them, frankly. Dev and Andre are good folks, though. I think that folks who clash are better off focusing on their stuff on-site than on-boards. I wish it weren’t that way, though.

Ryan Writes:

Seriously, Nick,
the ads are too much. I’m alright with the pop-ups and, while I hate
them, I can get over the hot-linked words in the text of the stories. But these
new trailers that pop-up in the corner (and can’t be blocked) not only bog down
my broadband connection but they also cover up the newest headlines and the
beginning of many articles.

There are many,
many great sites on the internet that are bigger and more popular then yours
which have huge ads all over, but they are worked into the site’s design.
Why not a redesign of the site (which has changed very little, despite
the occasional touch up) that would accommodate ads for lame movies and

I’ve been reading
the site for 5 years and have enjoyed almost every minute of it but, seriously,
I can get all the same info from a handful of other sites. I love the new
columns and writers and chud’s expanded reach—but its all for not if I can’t
read the frakking stories.

Nick Replies: Redesign forthcoming, has been the bane of my existence since March. It’s one of those situations where a lot of money is spent for very little reason as not everyone out there is as dedicated and honest as we are. The image below is sorta what it’ll look like.

David Writes:

Thanks for the plug, but, um, could you clue me in
on the joke? Is this maybe a "Goldfinger" reference?

"wah, waaah, wah!"

Nick Replies: [Article he’s referring to] I would never presume to know all the humor machinations of Jeremy Smith. The guy’s a savant.

Tina Writes:

Joss made the only definitive remarks about his vision of
the Serenity ‘Verse in an interview with Fred Topel at

Q: Does Serenity go faster than light?

Joss: I don’t think so.

Q: Are the planets really close together?

Joss: They’re really close together. You’ve never seen a
planet cluster like this one. It’s a little planet village. If you start asking
me science questions I’m going to cry.

May I please reproduce this snippet (fully credited and
with a link back to your website) in a *free* not-for-profit fan book for
Browncoat gamers?

Nick Replies: [Article she’s referring to] Why did you have to include that last sentence? It ruins EVERYTHING.