936full-eddie-redmayneWe’ve got another potential addition to The Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending, and it’s a guy currently in the press for his role in Les Miserables, Eddie Redmayne.┬áIf his name sounds familiar, it’s because this isn’t Eddie’s first rodeo with an Oscar-buzzed movie, as he was actually the lead of the much-buzzed My Week With Marilyn from last year. He was quite good in it, if overshadowed by the eponymous performance from Michelle Williams.

In any event, the Les Miserables star is apparently circling an unspecified role that will put him alongside Channing Tatum (as a character named Django!) and Mila Kunis (as the ascending “Jupiter”).

All we have on the film is a hodgepodge of small details about the universe that make it clear the film is an inter-stellar Snow White tale, with a whole lot of scifi layers on top. Kunis will play a poor immigrant woman on Earth who shares perfected DNA with the greatest being in a universe that is actually filled with heightened beings that have evolved past humanity. When said “greatest being, Queen of the Universe” dispatches someone to assassinate the poor immigrant and he falls in love with her instead… well you get the picture.

Tatum has talked up the epic and revolutionary filmmaking the Wachowskis are cooking up for the film (I totally believe it), and on this side of the disappointing domestic response to Cloud Atlas it’s good to see their next studio flick move forward. I had no doubt in my mind that Warner Brothers would still be in the blockbuster business with the siblings, but that no momentum has been lost on this particular project is heartening. I can’t wait to start hearing and seeing more from two of the most interesting directors currently working.


Source | THR