Mmm, the Tooth Fairy is smoldering…

Included here are the first two Great Gatsby character posters, sure to be followed by posters for the more major characters as the week (day?) go along. The film is slowly crawling towards its May release next year, after bowing out of awards season.

Expect Carrie Mulligan, Tobey Magquire, and Leonard DiCaprio to look right smart and smokin’ in their one-sheets come the next few days. Ms. Fischer  sure looks lovely, while Mr. Edgerton looks a little… inflated?

Unless I’m crazy, I’m fairly certain a new trailer is 3Ding it’s way through theaters now, have you caught it yet? There’s no trace of it online yet, so we’ll have to settle with the first trailer for the time being. The only news of late is that Jay-Z has officially gone from a needledrop in the trailer to the soundtrack supervisor. Django Unchained won’t be the only period drama with a little hip hop flavor it seems.