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“★★★★★” – Renn Brown

“★★★★★” – Tim Kelly

Here at CHUD we sort of liked Rian Johnson’s Looper. And by “sort of liked” I mean “feverishly loved and hailed as one of the great modern day science fiction action films”. It’s the kind of sci-fi actioner you want to visit and revisit and have long dialogues about. Are Abe and Kid Blue the same person? Did old Joe escape first or die first? What were the Rainmaker’s motives for closing all the loops? Is Pierce Gagnon the scariest kid ever? Is such a thing even quantifiable?

Looper_watch1In honor of Looper‘s 12/31 release (Buy it from CHUD), we’d like to give away one Blu-ray accompanied by this very cool pocketwatch over to my right. Winning’s no easy task. For a shot at walking away with a hefty chunk of silver, I’m asking you to close your loop. As I have no way of verifying whether or not you actually have killed your future self, simply follow the directions below and I’ll take your word for it:

Here’s how to win:

Step 1: Follow CHUD on Twitter – @chuddotcom

Step 2: Follow ME on Twitter – @roboTimKelly

Step 3: Send forth the following tweet, EXACTLY:

@roboTimKelly @CHUDdotcom I closed my loop to win #Looper on Blu-ray!

As usual, I have a random times designated. The chewer who tweets closest to that time will win. Clock starts now, we’ll close this one out at 12AM ET on Tuesday 12/25, Christmas morning. Only accepting US entries. I’ll contact the winner on Wednesday 12/26 and we’ll have the disc and watch in the mail ASAP. Best of luck!