MCPI’ve been waiting for a good, creepy game for my little DS. Resident Evil didn’t exactly fit the bill (I’ll be damned if I’d buy that game for the 6th time or whatever it was) and I was a little worried that the underpowered system couldn’t fit the visuals to creep us out. I was wrong!

Renegade Kid has announced that Dementium: The Ward for the Nintendo DS has gone gold and will be in stores by Halloween. The first thing you should notice from these screnshots is how goddamn good the game looks… they really pumped a lot of graphics out of the system. It also looks like my kind of disturbing, which is fantastic. Jump scares are great and all, but everyone has to love a little Silent Hill-styled psychological terror that leaves you with the chills.

Dementium is about a man who awakens to find himself alone, apparently suffering amnesia, in a creepy hospital that’s not as abandoned as you’d hope i would be. No, here there are strange creatures that are the result of surgical experiments, and he must fight his way through them to figure out what’s going on. Yes, this is a first person shooter, that from all reports controls pretty well.

Check the the official site for more details, and the nifty trailer below for an idea of what to expect. Now don’t any of you little kids go clicking on this, because this is an M-rated game. Adults only!