Is Will Ferrell naked with a goofy wig still funny after all these years? New Line hopes so – that’s the entire premise of the teaser trailer for Semi-Pro, Ferrell’s new comedy set in the world of 70s basketball. I think they set it in the 70s so that it would be plausible that a white dude was playing the game. Or maybe it was for the funny clothes and hair.

There’s a number flashed on the screen in the teaser, and you should feel free to call it (tangent: what’s the point of 800 numbers in a cell phone world? I don’t have a land line anymore, and an 800 number costs me just as many goddamn minutes as a number in Bumfuck Alaska); you’ll get an earful of Mr. Ferrell himself. Recorded, not live. What commitment he would have to be manning those phones 24 hours a day, huh? We should demand this sort of commitment from our comedic superstars.