I’ve lived in Georgia for nearing 25 years now, I’ve spent plenty of time in the deeper parts, and not fucking once have I ever heard a banjo in person in this state. I just feel that should be noted.

haunting-in-georgiaThat aside, here is the trailer for The Haunting In Connecticut 2: Ghosts Of Georgia, the potentially theatrical (?) sequel to the 2009 Lionsgate horror film. That film managed a healthy-enough $55m in the states off what I have to assume was a rinky-dink budget, so here we are covering a small sequel with a tax-incentive filming state in the title. Such an awkward title is usually reserved for DTV, but it’s not yet clear if that is this film’s path.

The trailer itself is filled with the typical brand of jump scares and scary shots – distant, unmoving figures, creepy visages staring at people in bed, that kind of stuff. A little girl drives the film, while an Underground Railroad/KKK story provides the mystery. It’s not quite the zombie hillbillies of Cabin In The Woods, but, well, I couldn’t think of anything else while watching the trailer…

This film, which was offered at one point to Ti West, will be followed by The Haunting In Connecticut 3: Something Spooky In New York (the title is made up, the location ain’t).

via /Film