This is a quick, fun little trailer for another Mark Wahlberg early-year thriller-type joint. The classic noir tale of a P.I. hired to investigate an infidelity that soon turns into a frame up for murder, the story then twists into a very un-noir style Stathamy revenge flick set to some ‘ye. I enjoy Wahlberg’s Broken-City-Posterwork in this arena (Contraband was an easy lot of fun) and here he’s got a rival with a little gravitas in Russell Crowe, who is himself getting to chew some scenery up.

The film is from director Allen Hughes flying solo on a blacklisted script from newcomers Brian Tucker. It gained its momentum after all of the awards heat that surrounded The Fighter, so if it turns out well, remember that some good comes of all the back-patting of awards season.

I do love this poster, which looks like Mark Wahlberg wandered in with a gun to the photo shoot for a Russell Crowe liquor ad or something, and no one is exactly sure what’s going on.

This one hits theaters on January 14th.