I brought you the news that McG is talking to producers about helming Terminator 4. Now Quint at Aint It Cool News has heard another name talking to producers: Vin Diesel.

Diesel just showed up in movie news as returning for Fast and the Furious 4, a move his ailing career needs. But a role in one of the top franchises of all time could be the jump start that takes his career from dwindling back to when he was white hot for about six minutes, before squandering it all on Chronicles of Riddick.

Quint is hearing rumbles that Diesel would play the Terminator in this one – which seems like a no duh move – but that he wishes that Diesel would get a shot at being a resistance fighter. Young Eric may get his wish, as my understanding is that this film will see the Terminator infiltrating and betraying the humans from the inside, which is the reason they’re made to look like people, one assumes. Diesel could be John Connor’s right hand man… and his greatest enemy! (I think I would do great in pitch meetings)

I don’t know what the dates on Fast and the Furious 4 are, but Terminator 4 is certainly eyeing a pre-strike start, probably very early in 2008. I like Vin Diesel – I have ever since I saw Multi-Facial – and I’m rooting for him, so I hope the dates of the two films work out (although it sounds like T4 is further ahead than FF4).