must be missing something vital here, since I thought that Slamdance
was the hip, edgy alternative festival to Sundance. If that’s the case,
how did a script about a group of attractive young people brought to
the desert to ostensibly make a reality TV show but really get killed
off in a snuff film win their horror screenplay competition? Is this an
incredibly great take on a very obvious concept? The thing with
excellent gritty and grimy horror films is that it isn’t usually the
script that makes it a winner. But hell, why am I complaining? If this
is a legitimately good script, I’m happy because I love horror movies.

I don’t like Dominique Swain as much, although I would ‘love’ her,
given the chance*. So her involvement in the film being made from that
Slaughter, doesn’t quite get me totally excited, unless I learn
her character is named Nude Girl. The film, an indie being shot in the
LA area, is being directed by Victor Garcia, a relative newbie whose
only credit so far is the DTDVD
Return to the House on Haunted Hill,
which I believe has 2000 endings or some gimmick. Still, you take the
projects you can get when you’re starting out, so Slaughter will be his
first real test.

*Get it? Wink wink, nudge nudge.**

**I’d totally smash her.***

***Click the image for the less work safe version. Although this one could probably get you fired anyway.