Trauma CenterOne of the first games to truly show off what the Nintendo DS could do was Trauma Center. Grabbing a scalpel and cutting people up? It was like a dream come true for me, minus the bloodshed and costly laundry fees.

The first game for the Wii? Kind of a disappointment. It wasn’t a new game, just a remake, and for anyone who struggled through the original game (fucking triangle levels!) it was more of a chore to go through all the same stuff once again. Sure, there was a brand new side quest, but it took too long to unlock. Bottom line is that the Wii controls were great for the game, and it would’ve been nice to get something new.

Well, we’re getting it now! Trauma Center: New Blood is on the way, and it’s an entirely new game for your dusty system. And there’s a new feature that makes this look incredibly inviting, as you can see in the video below.

Yeah, that’s right, 2 player surgeries! The game will also have a high score mode with an online leaderboard, so you can pretend your Wii does that whole online thing well.

The story this time will be about a couple who run an Alaskan hospital but of course somehow end up at Caduceus, the place where all the bad stuff was happening in the first game. I know a bunch of people didn’t like the sci-fi twist in the middle of the original, but it was just so goofy and Japanese that you have to love it. One can only hope the story takes the same twists in this one.

Trauma Center hits stores November 20th. You can preorder it through CHUD here. Atlas just put up a website that’s going to be updated every Tuesday, make sure to check back in the upcoming weeks.