Fresh off of the International website for The Wolverine comes a new image for the film, this one the embeddable motion poster you see above. It’s also paired with a still version. Both join a steady stream of attempts by the studio to set a good tone for this film with a trendy approach to the art, an open chat with fans online several weeks ago, and now this cinemagram style poster.

If you’re not familiar, there’s a great little tumblr called “If We Don’t, Remember Me” (referencing Kiss Me Deadly) that specializes in beautiful custom cinemagrams taken from motion pictures and modified so that they capture a quiet, active little moment from a movie. They’ve grown quite sophisticated as to capture things like breathing, blinking, the movement of something on the set to create a more organically never-ending image than your typical GIF. See for example the latest one, taken from There Will Be Blood.


Now granted, none of this is as cool as my own most recent GIF gift to the world, but they’re pretty cool. This Wolverine poster is a little… artificial looking, but it’s nice nonetheless. It matches the website and can be set as your FB cover photo, stuff like that. Oh and, apropos of nothing, I just notice this image on the FB page from almost two months ago that I flat out missed of Logan and his bone claws! I’ll be damned.


We just heard this film is going to be in 3D –which, whatever– but it’s about time we see something to determine if all this geek outreach is obfuscating another really bad X-Men spinoff, or something legitimately different. Cough up Fox!