Review has gotten their hands on the script to The Incredible Hulk and have spoiled just about every thing in the movie right up to the end. If you want to know what happens in three quarters of the film, Latino Review is the place for you – click here.

If you’re curious but less willing to be totally spoiled, I’ve compiled some things that intrigue me about their story details:

- The film begins with Bruce Banner trying to off himself, and failing. Flash forward five years and he’s in the jungles of South America, internetting with Mr. Blue, who is helping him with research on how to control the Hulk.

- Thunderbolt Ross dispatches Emil Blonsky and a group of soldiers to capture Bruce. He hulks out and escapes.

- Retcon! Ross tells Blonsky that Banner was working on a super soldier serum. This comes from The Ultimates, a comic that sees another scene stolen – think about the end of the first series, when Banner is sent in to deal with an alien invasion by skydiving without a parachute.

- Blonsky keeps getting shot up with super steroids and only becomes The Abomination towards the end.

There’s a whole lot more, although the site stops short of fully spoiling the final battle between The Abomination and the Hulk. Read it all at your own risk!

The Incredible Hulk seems to have more action than the Ang Lee movie, and from the spoilers it really seems much less angsty. And it has Doc Sampson, my favorite gamma-irradiated psychotherapist.

How will the filmmakers react to a leak this major? Methinks Ed Norton is just about ready to smash.