With viral efforts heating up, Del Toro looking to future projects, robot designs sneaking out, and stills starting to make the rounds, it was time for the trailer to hit and now we have it. Now it’s not just the lucky Comic Con goers that know what this film –which wil be Guillermo Del Toro’s first release in five year– is all about.

With such boldness he has incorporated the Portal voice modulation, with no apologies he’s smashed together Power Rangers and Evangelion… how has this movie not already been made, frankly?

So let’s just dive right into the conversation- tell me what you think in the comments below, or hit the boards for what I am supremely confident will be a lively discussion. Has it been worth the wait? Will Guillermo’s ambition and the taste of the masses finally collide on this project? Where does it fit in with other major 2013 releases..?

The trailer is also in HD at Apple Trailers.