Pretty stellar, no?

This is the new Lord Of The Rings trilogy poster by Olly Moss, this week’s release from Mondo in celebration of the release of The Hobbit. Per usual Moss has found a beautiful way of combining bits of imagery together into something spectacular and iconic, in this case topping the hilt shard of Narsil with the tower Barad-dûr. Both hover above the fellowship itself, and if you peak into the cracks of the blade, you might find a nice little cameo. Detail shots are available here, with buying info here.

Olly Moss
15″ x 36″
Regular Edition of 580 ($50)
Variant Edition of 285 ($90)

silhouettesThat’s the edition information above. If you want to scrape for your own copy –which will be a difficult thing with a piece this popular, cue the misery and moaning immediately thereafter–  then keep an eye on MondoTees.com tomorrow.

If you want something perhaps a little more obtainable, then check out Moss’ recently released book of pop culture silhouettes, which is a fabulous addition to any geek’s coffee table or bookshelf and is shockingly affordable at a mere twelve bucks. I’ve been enjoying mine greatly, and you can grab one here. It should act as a nice salve for tomorrow’s disappointment.