’s start the rumor mill: was the American remake of The Eye, directed by David Moreau and Xavier Palud in their first American work, too good or smart or moody or without sufficient cheap jump scares for Lionsgate? Whatever the reason behind it, the studio has called in filmmaking giant Patrick ‘Dracula 2000‘ Lussier to do two weeks of reshoots on the film. Is this a case of a truly complex and interesting movie being supressed, or is it another Exorcist Dominion debacle, where all the versions are shitty (yes, I am not giving Lussier the benefit of the doubt)?

Fangoria points out that this is a distressingly common thing recently for foreign directors making their US debut. Moreau and Palud, who got excellent notices with Ils, are the latest in a prestigious line that includes Oliver Hirschbiegel and the Pang Brothers – guys whose American work somehow disappointed the money people.

The Eye is scheduled to open on February 1. It will be interesting to see if the finished version is as schizophrenic as The Invasion, a movie that suffered severe multiple personality disorder. None of them were pleasant.