looks like Wolverine, which is shooting in Sydney, Australia starting in December, is getting a new script. Fox has brought in Skip Woods to retool David Benioff’s take on the film, and sources tell IGN that this is ‘more than a polish.’ Apparently Fox liked Woods’ script for Hitman so much (they certainly couldn’t have liked Swordfish) that they brought the guy on. Our own Jeremy Smith was not unimpressed with Woods’ work on Hitman as well – read his thoughts here.

While I’d like to think that Woods’ script will ditch the Weapon X stuff that I find to be the most tired aspect of Wolverine – we already know his origin from X2, let’s move on – I imagine that most of the structure of Benioff’s script will remain in place. Meanwhile, I can’t even take this opportunity to urge Benioff to go off and write another novel, dammit – he tells me that he has a novel that will be published early next year. I’m pretty psyched to see him getting back into the lit game… and I have a feeling this novel would make a killer movie on its own.