and tell
the girl
So lovely
The Game Plan $22,675,000 $7,307 $22,675,000
The Kingdom $17,694,000 $6,335 $17,694,000
Resident Evil: Extinction $8,000,000 (-66.2%) $2,828 $36,790,000
Good Luck Chuck $6,300,000 (-53.9%) $2,411 $23,569,000
3:10 to the Girl from Ipa Nima $4,160,000 (-32.4%) $1,383 $43,904,000
The Brave One
$3,760,000 (-48.6%) $1,325 $30,875,000
Mr. Woodcock $3,000,000 (-39.1%) $1,366 $19,631,000
Eastern Promises $2,892,000 (-48.9%) $2,053 $11,234,000
Sydney White $2,685,000 (-48.3%) $1,274 $8,565,000
Across the Universe $2,050,000 (+5.1%) $6,047 $5,510,000

I said $23 and $19 for The Game Plan and The Kingdom. I also didn’t figure RE would drop that much, or that 3:10 would hold better than Brave One. I mention these (minor) flaws because when I’m this close to being right on, it tickles me. Like a feather. Or a cough.

The Game Plan had what amounts to a fairly solid weekend for an off-season family film. Will it play long? Will it get to $100? Who fucking cares? But the bad news is for The Kingdom, which was likely not all that cheap, and couldn’t get the top slot. Now a closer to $50 Mil final total is likely, though $60-70-80 is not out of the question. Still, for what amount to a solid action film, it’s not fair. But life isn’t fair. Get used to it. Jamie Foxx should start lowering his quote come Monday, strike or no strike, and if he plans to be around, should maybe look for more Oscar bait. He seems in with Michael Mann, so that should help. Should.

Resident Evil dropped by 2/3rds. Getting to fifty at this point is like watching a fat woman run around the block. She’ll make it, but it ain’t pretty. And Good Luck Chuck should probably keep going for a bit, though its audience will be eaten by The Heartbreak Kid, which is likely a better date movie. Unfortunately for the unrated DVD, it’s not like Jessica Alba accidentally dropped trou and they saved it for the special features. Anonymous boobs have their appeal (college students with bands note: Anonymous Boobs, great name for a band if yer punk), but a smattering of additional nudity will not make this film more coinage. Anyone see the Boat Trip DVD? My. God.

3:10 is still chugging along, and if it keeps up this pace it may yet do as much business as it cost. Perhaps the DVD sales will be strong. While The Brave One crossed $30, and should die shortly. That’s the breaks. That’s the breaks.

As much as I like the former, and care little about the latter, the expansion runs of Eastern Promises and In the Valley of Elah suggest that neither has clicked, and as both were touted as Oscar hopefuls, their fiscal failure at this stage of the game almost certainly dooms them to receiving no nominations (the academy tends to like helping stuggling films, not dead ones). But obligatory ones. That is to say, if an acting field is weak, you could see something sneak in. And by the time of nominations, the members will have their DVDs. Elah was in 14th place, right ahead of the sub-run of Transformers, on 762 screens. Compare that to Across the Universe, which was on 339 and cracked the top ten. But nobody knows when it comes to hoes. Cause pimping movies ain’t easy.

Next week promises (or threatens, depending on how you look at it) The Heartbreak Kid and The Seeker: The Dark is Rising. Along with J Lo’s Feel the Noise (which should have a zed in it if they were awesome). Expect Stiller to come out on top.