My review of Django Unchained will come soon enough, but if you want an idea what I thought of it, just know that you’ll be finding it somewhere around the very top of of my year’s best list*. There’s still two weeks between now and release, which feels like an eternity just between me and rewatch, so I know all the hungry Tarantino fans are looking for a fix. Today brings a few in the form of some songs from the film breaking out on the web, as well as a few new TV spots with some extra footage in them.

Both songs are features at important moments in the film, blasting in via typically splashy Tarantino needledrops, and they’re both great. QT doesn’t give a fuck, hence the use of a song that samples his film within his own film…

Tarantino’s latest is already starting to bring in the awards, something I hope will continue. AFI has already named it one of 2012’s top 10 best films, while the National Board of Review has spotlit Leonardo DiCaprio as the Best Supporting Actor of the year. Hell, the St. Louis Film Critics just nominated it for eight awards today. ┬áThe film features three absolutely legitimate opportunities for actors to get Supporting Oscar nominations in Christoph Waltz, Samuel L Jackson, and Leo. I hope a few pan out. Expect to hear of more laurels for the film when Golden Globe nominations are announced on the ‘morrow.

Here are the new spots I mentioned earlier:


via Film Stage

*And by “somewhere” I mean “the tippy-motherfuckin’-top.”