must confess that The Mist is one of the Stephen King stories I’ve read at least three times but remember only scattered bits of. I must also admit that I plan not to revisit it until after I see Frank Darabont’s vision of it.

I must also confess that it was I who raped and murdered Ed Asner.

Shit, that’s a FUTURE crime.

The poster for the horror adaptation has arrived and it’s surprisingly vague as to the plot, which is a lot less ethereal than indicated here. I suppose they’re on Darabont’s more emotionally charged King films but I expected a flat out scary poster and this looks more like an 80’s Spielberg film than a Stephen King adaptation.

Still, it’s pretty decent and though I’m sad that Thomas Jane isn’t obviously Thomas Jane on the one sheet, it’s probably a good business decision, playing on the King and Darabont names instead.

The trailer was good, Darabont’s a badass, and the poster’s pretty solid. Now all we need is the freakin’ film.