I’ve got a little emotional empathy and some uncommonly long relationships under my belt, so relating to the decade-and-a-half-away humor of This Is 40 is something I feel able to do. It’s important to note that when I say I’m not super blown away by much I’m seeing here. Even with the chuckle-worthy stuff in each trailer, I feel like I’m seeing a series of stand-up jokes about marriage come to life with some Megan Fox skin thrown in to draw in young dudes, and little that merits a movie well over two hours long. If it works and earns the time than so be it, but I’ve heard enough buzz to the contrary to worry.

All that said, it’s always nice to have Apatow actually directing something, since his name is bandied about so often as a producer or co-creator or whatever. It seems so rare that we get the real top-shelf stuff, and there are plenty of great people in the film and smart people that like the film to make sure I give it a shot. The final trailer is above, with the film debuting December 21st and returning us, vaguely, to the Knocked Up universe.

Are you guys excited for this?