I wouldn’t consider much of it all that interesting, but a whole lot of little bits and pieces of Marvel-related film news has squeezed out in the last few days. Taken altogether, it’s a a nice little update of what things are up in the Marvel world not directly controlled by Marvel studios…

• First up is the announcement of a release date for the reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise, to be directed by Josh Trank of Chronicle and written by online film geek fixture, and all around sharp-witted butthole Jeremy Slater.  We’ll have a little over two years to wait for the film, as it shall bow on March 6th, 2015.

• I can’t imagine this will shock you but, hold on to your hat, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will probably have a flashback… I know, right? We know this because Martin Sheen has confirmed that he’ll be returning for the movie, and either he’s gotten so old that he’s just assuming he’ll be in it having blanked out on filming his death scene, or they’ve written in a flashback. Since Uncle Ben might have some small role to play in the expanding backstory of Peter Parker’s father and his ties to Oscorp, I’ll assume we’ll be seeing some of that in black & white as Peter wide-eyeingly reads an old document or something. Electro and Harry Osborn have of course been confirmed and cast, the latter with Chronicle star Dane DeHaan.

• 3D! You love it! You hate it! You hate to hate it! It still makes money, so the announcements march on. In this case it’s Fox confirming that both The Wolverine and X-Men: Days Of Future Past will be released in 3D. The former will necessitate a post-conversion (which, when done right, are just fine these days) while the later could be native. Considering Singer is now well-versed in shooting in the format, I’d wager even the penny-pinching Fox will let him go native.

Oh, and the news conversion goes for the already-shot Percy Jackson sequel next year as well, while Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes will also be 3D with the chance to do it native.

That’s it for the moment!


via JoBlo, Collider