This isn’t the full quality release, but we can’t ignore these first-looks anymore. Game’s changed.

In any event, this After Earth trailer is not all that dissimilar for the great Oblivion trailer, with similar premises of mostly lone individuals surviving on a hostile Earth that has forgotten, or in this case rejected, mankind.

I like the look of this film from what I can see. The CGI in places is already a bit much, but the crash at the beginning is effecting. I’ve long held that having Will Smith’s hand shoved up his ass as a major producer, M. Night might be inspired to get his shit together. You don’t direct the man’s son in an epic blockbuster and churn out crap.

That said, the same precautions and more apply as with Oblivion. Too many burns on cool-looking scifi flicks to get wrapped up in it.

The potential is there though. Let’s hope for a full HD trailer soon. The Oblivion leak got that trailer out quicker- the same might happen here (and I’ll update when it does).

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