Bye-bye, Nuts.Remember Rogue? You know, the Croc movie that rushed Primeval into theaters last spring? The Rogue that’s been floating around waiting for a US release date as it’s punted from slot to slot, the latest being from October to indefinitely?

Since most films suffering from this kind of turmoil smell like turds from miles away, does Rogue fall into the same category? I dunno- but director Greg McLean doesn’t think so– so go ahead and reference his film to previous animals gone wild movies, but if you EVEN compare his upcoming croc film to anything like, say…. Anacondas, he’ll go straight Aussie on your ass: "Most movies end up being poor versions of "Jaws" to some degree, whether it’s stalking the creature or the animal has gone wild. "Anacondas" – I really hate that film…a lot. And when people say, Oh, "Rogue" is like "Anacondas" except with a crocodile, I want to fuckin’ kill ‘em. I kinda enjoy them all, the really bad ones and the really good ones, but what you hope is that they don’t relate your film to "Anacondas." Or that other croc movie Primeval. Cuz Rogue is horror and Primeval ain’t.*

Whether anyone sees it any time soon, or whether it’s terrible, right now it mattereth not because I love the poster (you know, minus the awful "terrortory" pun). Sure, it’s got a ton of inspiration from Jaws and Piranha and, well, Jaws– but it’s creepy and thrilling and beautiful and sets a mood right off the bat. Human in water at night? Check. Flashlight futilely trying to pierce the darkness? Check. Crocodile rising from the gloom about to ruin baby-making paraphernalia? Check.

View it all bigger-like here and then feel free to invent your own drinking game as to when it might actually see theaters.

*Interview here.