Here’s a good example of a film no one gave any credit to defying the odds and by all accounts thus far becoming one of the coolest, grittiest, and more pleasurable movies of the year. “Tom Cruise is too short” “They chose the wrong book” “I’m tired of this genre” and on and on…

I’m a huge fan of Lee Child’s series. I even tried to option Killing Floor in 2005. My choice for the role would have been Ryan Hurst (Opie from Sons of Anarchy) or Ray Stevenson or someone sizable and rough looking. I am a big Tom Cruise guy but didn’t see him in the role. Then came the trailer. Then came the onslaught of almost universally positive reviews from people I trust. And it marks the return of Christopher McQuarrie to the directorial chair!

Jack Reacher may just be the sleeper of the holiday season. Django Unchained is fantastic and Zero Dark Thirty can’t be anything less than great. This is a cherry on top and one we’ll all need to see.

Luckily you have here to help get you in there early and free. And it’s easy. Use the appropriate link below and ANSWER THE QUESTION BELOW in the body of the email. If you win you will get a pass for TWO to see the flick. If you win, make sure to arrive early and if you dig the film [you will], remember to spread the word!

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