I said it once, I’ll say it again: I know Kosinski has some spectacular filmmaking in him, and he sure as shit showed us none of it working for Disney. I hope things are different this time. Like the first poster, this trailer is… awesome, but it’s demonstrative of the depth of the bullshit that is Tron: Legacy (and to be fair a little latent Prometheus wound licking) that I simply can’t be bowled over by a great scifi trailer. This first trailer wasn’t supposed to come out today, btw, but smartly they pushed it out in light of the leak earlier today. Good call.

So admittedly, this shit looks spectacular. Every bit of it looks a blast, from the design to the roles/casting, to the seemingly straightforward story. Above concerns notwithstanding, I’ll have my fingers quietly crossed till April.

Oh, and watch it again and imagine it not as a contemporary blockbuster, but as a live-action Wall•E remake actually made in the year 2020 or whatever.

Your thought’s on Oblivion?


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