my review of Jackass Number Two:

During the end credits of Jackass Number Two Bam Margera, who cries a couple of times in this film, says, “I hope there’s no Jackass 3.” I understand where he’s coming from – this movie has upped the ante so much that I think the only way a third can top it is to intentionally cripple or kill one of the guys. Look out Danger Ehren – you’re the most expendable.

Sorry, Bam. According to Slashfilm, Steve-O was on the Howard Stern show today saying that there will in fact be a Jackass 3, and it shoots in January. The site stresses that this is a third Jackass film and not the extra footage for the Jackass 2.5 DVD that the boys recently gathered to shoot.

I shudder to think at where they’ll go this time. Will Ryan Dunn get a sex change? Will they vivisect Wee Man? Will Bam be gang raped by the entire membership of the Eight Trey Gangster Crips*? The bar has been raised exceptionally high in the last film, and I just don’t know how they can top some of that stuff without at least crippling someone. Maybe it’s time for these guys to start having kids so they can become Jackass: The New Generation.

* please please please please