As you all know, Mr. Trailer Voice has left us. I’m already betting on his getting the most applause at next year’s In Memoriam
section of the Oscar telecast. We’ll see if I’m right. At this point, I
think only Newman could knock him down from the top spot.

My heart goes out to his family and friends but that’s not what I’m here to talk about today.

Today, I have come to talk about myself.


I present to you the first official trailer for Nocturnia. I didn’t actually make the thing. I was locked out of the editing room by the producer (who
happens to be my father, by the way. I mean, what is this? Lex and
Lionel Luthor? – We look the part. He’s got long hair and I’m bald. …
I guess what’s left is for me to shove him out of a window
because they felt that I was not “divorced” enough to have a clear
enough head at the time of designing the trailer. Divorced from the
movie… Not my ex-wife. Don’t be a smartass.

Anyway, I’m like… fuck that.

I don’t care. What they came up with is embedded for your enjoyment
below. You will see some images from my film and decide if it’s
something that you would want to sit down and watch for an hour and
fifty-five minutes (with credits). The song used is I’m Happy But You Don’t Like Me by Asobi Seksu – a NY band with a really cute Japanese lead singer.

This is the trailer. The manager of 16 de Julio has been running the 4-minute exhibitor’s reel I gave him 2 months ago.




Thankfully, he’s only been running it on the 32 inch widescreen DAEWOO
they have outside in the lobby where they sell 75 cent pizzas. And,
truth be known, nobody actually stands there and watches that shit. Do
they? I know I don’t… Or maybe they do. But I had a few words with
the man and, beginning on Thursday, THIS is what they will be running:


hope, at the very least, it makes people intrigued enough to go and see
the fucking thing. Seriously. The ticket only costs the equivalent of 3
dollars in Bolivian currency. (Get this: The Boliviano… How about that?)

It is by no means the only bit of marketing we will be doing over the next six weeks.

But it comes pretty close.