Duchovny is off doing the press rounds for the DVD release of his latest movie, The TV Set, and during his travels he met up with the good people of Moviehole and spoke about the future of The X-Files. As you may know if you’ve ever turned on the internet, a sequel to The X-Files movie has been in the works or plans or dancing in the thoughts of Chris Carter et al for some time now. We’ve been listening to rumors and hints about a possible movie for as long as I’ve been writing for CHUD, and while that isn’t forever, it often feels like it.

Now Duchovny is pointing at a more specific time – he’s telling Moviehole that the movie could start shooting in December. He also says that he won’t say what the movie is about*: "We would all love it if we could keep it a secret and just give everybody a fresh experience of not knowing what the movie’s about. I know if I was a fan of the show I would kind of be excited to be surprised."

I hope that Double Down is right about the film starting up, and with the strike looming and Fox being one of the studios taking it most seriously, that’s a decent possibility. Recently my best friend discovered The X-Files on DVD, and seeing it again through her excitement (she even liked the later seasons!) helped me take away some of the scales that had formed on my eyes after Duchovny left and the show’s pointless, no endgame meandering became all too obvious to me. I knew that it would take a couple of years to get back into really enjoying the show and its mythology, and those years have passed. Now it’s time to get me re-psyched with a new film.

*Even though we all know it’s going to be a big screen Monster of the Week story, and not a mythology story.

** Here’s a bonus footnote: I really like Duchovny’s new Showtime series, Californication, but mostly because I can really identify with the premise of a New York writer in Los Angeles getting a ton of pussy.