that can be gleaned from Zack Snyder’s first Watchmen production blog: he’s tired.

I understand that Warner Brothers is a little frightened by the prospect of spending so much money (though reportedly less than $100 million) on a project they do not fully comprehend, but if there’s one thing they don’t have to worry about, it’s the geeks. They’ve been waiting for this movie since 1987, and they will absolutely be there opening day, regardless of the film’s eventual quality. So don’t feel like you need to patronize them with weekly videos of the very cool, very likable Snyder rambling on about how wonderful the production is going; in fact, if Snyder doesn’t want to do a video blog, don’t feel like you have to do one at all. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. I’d rather he concentrate on pulling off one of the most anticipated comic book films of all time. He’s got plenty on his plate without having to drone exhaustedly into a camera at the end of a day’s shooting.

If you’re still interested in checking out the production blog after this ringing endorsement, it’s available for your viewing pleasure on the official Watchmen website.