The teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek sequel has been Cobb-ed into the collective mind of the internet (BWAAWWWMMM!).  Enjoy!

It appears that our Star Trek Into Sequel will be a Star Trek Into Extremely Elevated Stakes for our Star Trek Into Enterprise crew.  All kidding aside, I think it looks pretty damn good at this stage.  Of course, teasers tell us little about the film we will receive and Abrams himself tells us even less.  Still, I like what I’m seeing here and current geek god Benedict Cumberbatch appears to be playing a deliciously evil adversary.  Is he Gary Mitchell, as Karl Urban hinted months ago?  Or is he the oft-rumored Khan?  A case could be made for either one and what we’ve just been shown doesn’t particularly tip the scales in either direction.

We do know that the villain is a character from the original series, according to Abrams and the writers.  The real question is whether or not J.J. and company have picked a fan favorite (like above) or an extremely obscure choice to update for a new generation.  Only time, actors slip-ups, and production leaks will tell.  Star Trek Into Darkness arrives this May, so there is plenty of time to argue about it.  Now get back to speculating!

UPDATE: Here’s the Japanese teaser with a bit o’ extra footage…

Source | Dark Horizons, AICN