now there are a couple of scripts that are Holy Grails among the people who like to read scripts: one is Star Trek, another is Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Not quite as coveted as those two, but still sought after, is the Kieran and Michele Mulroney script for Justice League of America. Some people have set eyes on it – although prospective directors were asked to come to the Warner lot to even read the thing – but no real script review has yet surfaced. Now a guy who knows a guy at UGO has read the script, and he’s given the site a couple of plot details, a few of which don’t jibe with what we’ve previously heard.

For one thing, the scooper claims that Aquaman isn’t in the script, replaced by Martian Manhunter. That’s quite possibly a change that has been made since Ain’t It Cool reported on a draft of the script back in July, and it makes sense, since Aquaman’s essentially a poofter. The UGO report confirms that the Green Lantern in the film is John Stewart, aka the Black Green Lantern, that Flash is the youngest Leaguer and has a crush on Wonder Woman, and that Wonder Woman is the ‘Angelina Jolie’ of the group; ie she’s the public face, spokesperson and humanitarian.

So what’s the story? It’s one that seems weird for a first film, and indicates the movie opens with the team in place – no origin story here. In the movie, Batman has a security system in place called Redeye that allows him to spy on the rest of the JLA and gives him the ability to take them down should they go rogue. This is right from the comics (a couple of times over, but in this case seems to be a version of Brother I, the satellite system Batman suddenly had in one of DC Comics’ recent laborious crossovers), as is the idea that the system falls into the hands of enemies. And it looks like one of the League may also prove Batman correct and switch sides. Beyond that, UGO refuses to share a major spoiler, which I think is [swipe to be spoiled, friends] that Green Lantern dies. It’s always the brutha taking the loss!

Interestingly, UGO doesn’t share the villains. One aspect of the villainry is sure to be OMACs, which played into the same awful DC crossover that spawned Brother I, but who is behind it all?

I have to tell you, I can’t believe a Justice League movie is happening. It’s sort of mind-boggling that this project would be so close to even getting off the ground. And with the strike looming, I would say that this movie is all but a done deal.