The Master is perhaps the film that I’m still struggling with the most of any this year- its wonderful density and brilliant acting are undeniable, and the interesting ideas and subtext have unfolded for me with each viewing, and yet it just doesn’t stick with me. I guess this is what happen when a director creates a film that borders on a religious experience, and then deigns to make a merely super-duper interesting one to follow it up.

In any event, the marketing materials have all been appropriately beautiful, and this international poster making the rounds is perhaps my favorite so far.

This comes with the film’s expansion overseas that began mid-November and continues into next year. Likely more relevant for you is the news that the film’s Blu-ray will hit the stands on February 26th of next year. That gives them two days to print up “Oscar winner” stickers if they land any gold on the 24th. This is not yet official but Wal-Mart’s website sprung a leak and here we are.

The film will be in 1.85:1 format on the Blu, replicating the matted presentation of the film in 70mm.

If you’d like, you can pre-order it from CHUD.