Those open casting sessions for George Miller’s Justice League film sure are turning up some fresh faces. The first to get some public non-announcement (WB: We’ll announce the whole cast when it’s bloody ready, you Watchmen deflaters!) is the top-running actress to fill Wonder Woman’s wristbands, boots and corset: Jessica Biel, currently ‘in talks’ to take the role.

What is there to say besides ‘great’? She’s got the look and, if you suffered through Blade: Trinity, you know she can probably tackle Bale as Batman and Routh as Supes — that’s in real life, I mean, where I’d put money on her mopping a gym floor with either of those guys.* Granted, I’d figure they lost on purpose, just because.

Well, maybe not Routh.

Can she actually act? There’s some evidence to suggest so, though how much are we really going to need the PR rep for the Amazons to emote? Unless Miller chooses at the last minute to adapt the storyline that is essentially a long homage to Cries and Whispers (can’t remember the original issue, think it was one of Giffen’s) I can firmly believe that the arse-kickery shown off in Blade will more than suffice. Just don’t make the lasso double as a special edition iPod headphone cable, Miller, or there’ll be hell to pay.

*Obviously it doesn’t matter anyway, since they’ll be off making their own superhero movies. Well, maybe not Routh.