Event: Star Wars Holiday Special Toys For Tots Screening (Facebook)
Where: Bryant Lake Bowl, 810 West Lake St., Minneapolis, MN (Site)
When: Thursday, December 6th (Screenings at 7:00 & 10:00)
How: Starting at 5PM on the 6th, an unwrapped toy donation for Toys for Tots earns you one admission.

Star Wars Holiday Special isn’t one of the worst movies (TV or otherwise) ever. It’s one of the worst things ever. It’s so atrociously heinous, so egregious in its uprooting of beloved characters and inserting them into a nightmare world, that George Lucas will not speak of it, will not release it on DVD, will take credit for Jar Jar Binks and not Holiday Special. In truth, it wasn’t really George’s fault, as Lucasfilm basically loaned the property to CBS for a couple hours one fateful November night in 1978. Which led to this exact quote from Mr. Lucas:

“If I had the time and a sledgehammer, I would track down every copy of that show and smash it.”

And he means it. Dude’s got a crazy amount of freetime these days, having handed the Wars over to Disney. It’s just him, his neckbeard, and a bowl of nuts at Skywalker Ranch right now.

So naturally, Star Wars Holiday Special is a great time for us trainwreck cinema lovers and we should celebrate it every year for its revelry in the absurd. Some friends and I will be doing just that, as we host two special screenings this Thursday evening at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis, MN. Getting in is as simple as bringing one unwrapped toy donation which we’ll then pass on to our friends at Toys for Tots, providing needy families a better Christmas than Lumpy on Life Day (translation: Chewbacca’s son on Wookie Christmas, see Special, Holiday).

You might remember Renn’s already told you about this celebration in year’s past, as the annual Holiday Special posters have become something of a hot commodity here in the Twin Cities. Here’s this year’s submission:

Posters can be purchased at Etsy by clicking the right here or on the poster above.  We’d love to have you join us for this very special invite. Indeed, you will be treated to a veritable nightmare hall of holiday horrors.


Chewie’s disappointment of a son, Lumpy!

His vagrant father, Itchy!

Hologram Jefferson Starship!


Whatever the hell this is!

With Special Appearances by…

Bea Arthur and some drunken aliens!

Weird and mysterious 70s drugs!

…And Princess Leia singing all your favorite Life Day classics!

So join us and be merry! Or miserable. Could really go either way, here. I’ll be live blogging the 10pm showing on CHUD, hope to see you there!