By and large I don’t like linking to images on IGN, not because the people over there aren’t cool (they definitely are) but because the company splashes that ugly logo on everything. Branding an image makes sense when you’re Getty Images, but not when you’re a website running someone else’s material for purposes of promotion.

I’m doing it this time because Sidney Lumet’s film Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead is very much worth promoting. It was a highlight of my time at Toronto (review coming real soon!) and should be on everyone’s ‘to see’ list when it opens in October. That’s a limited opening, by the way, but this film has more potential to gain an audience and go wide than, for example, The Assassination of Jesse James, if only because of the Tomei nudity. Great performances from Hoffman, Finney and Hawke shouldn’t hurt, either, but analagous work isn’t helping Jesse James enough.

This is also a decent poster — a little bit plain, but I’ll take understated over Photoshop bukkake every single time.

Click here or on the photo to hit IGN for the full, if marred image.