new film being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer for Disney gives me deja vu not once, but twice. The film is called G-Force, which brings to mind Gatchaman/Battle of the Planets, which is being developed into a CGI film all its own. But more than that, the film is about a group of genetically enhanced commando animals being chased by the NSA. If the group is made up of a bunny, a cat and a dog then we’re looking at something really, really similar to Grant Morrison’s WE3, which is currently being developed for the screen by Don Murphy. Of course WE3 is a more hard-edged and violent affair where the three commandoes escape certain extinction in a government lab, while the Bruckheimer movie sees the rogue animals trying to stop a billionaire from taking over the world.

Gabriel Casseus is cast as the NSA agent tasked with finding the animals; I imagine what happens when he finds them will be quite different from what happened in WE3 when those animals were cornered. In fact, I’ll bet he gives the lovable genetic freaks a hand.

G-Force is being directed by Hoyt Yeatman, who did FX work on a number of movies, including recent Disney classic Underdog. G-Force should be out in the summer of 2009, which will probably mean it’s going to beat WE3 to theaters. Of course the Disney film will be for all ages while WE3 would be a hard R, so maybe one getting released first isn’t that big a deal.