Any mention of David or Megan Ellison always comes with the requisite acknowledgement they were children of privilege. When your father is the billionaire CEO of Oracle, you pretty much have carte blanche in terms of career choice. And while the siblings both gravitated towards Hollywood, their interests took them separate directions. David seemingly has a knack for getting big event flicks in the can, serving as executive producer on Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol as well as the upcoming Star Trek Into Darkness. Megan’s Annapurna Pictures outfit has veered towards more artistic fare, helping nurture The Master, Zero Dark Thirty and Killing Them Softly.

Now, with Ms. Ellison’s deal to acquire the rights to the Terminator franchise finally complete, brother and sister are fixing to be financial and creative partners steering wherever the series goes next.

It’s not their first time collaborating (that would be 2010’s True Grit), and you might even remember that Fast Five director Justin Lin was at one time steering the project. That no longer appears to be the case, as the Ellison’s are bringing on a new writer for a fresh take before committing to directors / actors / delicious lobster bisques that can be whipped up by private chefs any time of day on a whim… sorry, I digress.

Few franchises would benefit more from a completely new approach than this series of killer robots and time travel globes made of pure energy that burn imprints into the ground*. I say we go further back. Send a Terminator back through history and get right fantastical about it. I saw Lincoln. I’m not intimating that John Wilkes Booth was a T-1000. But I also can’t prove he wasn’t.

*Who needs Terminators when you have piping hot time travel globes made of pure energy? Why not just time travel onto John Connor? It’d at least be good for a cauterized decapitation. Nice, neat, efficient.

Source: Deadline