Hey there Los Angeles Fright fans! Time for another Friday Night Frights!

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Sebastian O’Brien and I have had a lot of amazing guests come into Friday Night Frights for a Q&A, but two of our favorites are director Stuart Gordon and producer/director Brian Yuzna, and both will be back this Friday (along with actor Ezra Godden) for the most recent and least seen of their H.P. Lovecraft collaborations — Dagon. This film was not released theatrically in the US, so this may be your only chance to see it up on the begin screen!

Friday December 7th @ midnight.

Quoth the FNF power blurb:

Legendary horror director Stuart Gordon’s most faithful and unsettling cinematic trip to the H.P. Lovecraft well! Adapted from Lovecraft’s “Shadow over Innsmouth”, Dagon follows a group of vacationers stranded in a Spanish fishing village — one whose inhabitants seem controlled by a shadowy, malignant force. Things are “fishy” in more ways than one, and Gordon masterfully piles on the creeping dread and slimy shocks with the reckless conviction of one deeply steeped in Lovecraftian lore. Anchored by a performance from co-star Ezra Godden that seems lifted directly from the author’s fevered pages, Dagon is a wet and wild ride that gets weirder with each passing scene, leaving you with one of the most bizarre endings of any horror film of the 2000s and beyond. Criminally overlooked, this fish is still fresh, and is one you don’t want to get away — so climb aboard with us and director Stuart Gordon, producer Brian Yuzna and co-star Ezra Godden, who will all be here in person for a Q&A after the film!

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I feel like this is fairly obvious, yet it apparently could stand to be more obvious: This screening is happening in Los Angeles.

As always I am giving away some free tickets (each with a +1). To enter all you need to do is send an email to wormmiller@gmail.com with DAGON in the subject line. Include your full name. I will only be contacting the winners.

Good hunting!